House Rules




The Club does not warrant the sufficiency, condition or state of repair of its facilities or equipment. Members, families, guests, agents, service persons and others using Club facilities and equipment do so at their own risk.

The Board of Directors adopts rules and regulations it deems advisable to insure the greatest possible pleasure, comfort and convenience for members, their families and friends. Members are requested to familiarize themselves with these rules and to cooperate in their observations. Suggestions for changes and additions may be made in writing to the Executive Committee.

A.   CLUB PRIVILEGES. The following rules and policies apply to member Club privileges.

1.   Enjoyment of Club Privileges – A member (excepting limitations on certain classifications), his or her spouse and unmarried children under twenty-five (25) years of age enjoy full Club privileges subject to the By-Laws and these rules and regulations.

2.   Interaction with Employees – Members are responsible for being familiar with and abiding by the Employee Rules which pertain to the interactions between Members and Club employees. The Employee Rules appear following the House Rules.

3.   Cancellations – Unless otherwise stipulated in the event announcement, cancellation of advance reservations for a Club event shall be subject to charges as follows:

a.   If canceled three (3) or more “Club Open” days prior to the event, there shall be no cancellation charge, i.e., no later than the Wednesday before a Saturday event.

b.   If canceled during the first or second “Club Open” days prior to the event, there shall be a 50% cancellation charge, i.e., on a Thursday or Friday before a Saturday event.

c.   If canceled the day of the event or in the instance of non-attendance, there shall be a full charge made.

d.   Reservations may be transferred to another member or members; however, the original maker shall be responsible for any unpaid charges.

4.   Members Charging Services at Reciprocal Yacht Clubs – When BCYC receives a bill from other reciprocal yacht clubs which a member of BCYC has incurred at another yacht club; BCYC will pay the member’s bill and add the amount of the bill received to the member’s account. A $5.00 service charge will also be added to the member’s account.


1.   Registration –All guests must register at the office and sign the guest book upon arrival at the Club except guests who will be or have been crewing on a member’s boat that day who will not be required to sign the guest book..

2.   Issuance of Guest Cards –A guest, with the exception of guests accompanied by a member, must be issued a Guest Card prior to using Club facilities. Guest Cards will be issued by the office.

3.   Categories of Guests –There are five (5) categories of guests; visiting yachtsmen from reciprocal yacht clubs, guests who are or will be crewing on a member’s boat that day, guests of members accompanied by members, guests of members unaccompanied by members and guests of the Membership Committee.

4.   Visiting Yachtsmen – Guest Cards for visiting yachtsmen using the marina will be issued for a maximum of ten (10) days and cannot be issued more than three (3) times per year and not more than once per quarter. Requests for extensions must be in writing to the Board of Directors. Guest Cards for visiting yachtsman will be issued by the office upon the arrival of the visiting yachtsman at the Club. Visiting yachtsmen will be on a cash basis, unless previous arrangements have been made for credit charges.

5.   Guests of Members – Members shall have the right to extend to their friends, guest privileges in accordance with Club rules.

a.   Member Responsibility for Guests – Members are responsible for the conduct and financial obligations of their guests.

b.   Limits on Marina Use – There are no limits for accompanied guests of members except guest are not allowed “guest slip privileges” in the marina.

c.   Unaccompanied Guests – A member must make prior arrangements for the issuance of a Guest Card for an unaccompanied guest. This will enable the office to have the card ready for the guest upon arrival and ensure the identity of the guest. Unaccompanied guests will be on a cash basis, unless prior arrangements have been made for charges to be made to the sponsoring member’s account.

d.   Time Limits of Usage by Unaccompanied Guests. Unless otherwise approved by any Flag Officer, Guest Cards for unaccompanied guests will be issued for a maximum of ten (10) days and cannot be issued more than three (3) times per year and not more than once per quarter. Requests for extensions must be in writing to the Board of Directors.

6.   Membership Committee Guests – Guest Cards for guests of the Membership Committee will be made in advance by the office for prospective members. Guest Cards for Membership Committee guests will be issued only for single events or 24 hours.

C. GENERAL. The following rules and policies apply to general Clubhouse regulations.

1.   The Flag Officers and General Manager have full charge of the Clubhouse, parking lot and any grounds and facilities which are rented by the Club.

2.   Attire – Casual wear is acceptable at all times and places, except when a scheduled Club event is in progress. No person shall be allowed in the Clubhouse (other than the lower level) in bathing suits or bare feet.

3.   Supervision of Children – Parents must caution their children with due regard to the wishes and comfort of other members and not allow them to run unattended about the Clubhouse.

4.   Bicycles, Skateboards, Etc. – No bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or other similar device may be used on the walkways, docks or storage areas of the Club. The use of the same in the parking lot shall be limited to arriving and departing the Club premises. At no time shall such devices be used past the front entrance of the Clubhouse. Specifically such devices are prohibited from the “Sea Wall”, walk, ramps and docks. Use bike racks for bicycles.

5.   No Under Age Consumption of Alcohol on Club Premises – Under no circumstances will any persons under the age of 21 be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on any part of the Club premises.

6.   Mobile Phone Usage – Mobile phone usage is not permitted within the Clubhouse. As a courtesy, members should use cell phones outside away from other members, except as may be approved by the General Manager.

7.   Pets – No pets are allowed on the Club premises except dogs on a leash and at no time under any circumstances in the Clubhouse. Owners of dogs shall be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

8.   Smoking – Smoking is permitted in outdoor areas only. Please be courteous to your fellow members by refraining from smoking near doorways, open windows or in patio areas where members are dining.

9.   Use of Club Property or Equipment – No one is permitted to rent, borrow or remove any piece of equipment or furnishing of the Club without prior consent of the General Manager.

10.   Movement of Furniture, Etc. – No furniture, pictures or other articles of normal placement within the Clubhouse may be moved, relocated or discarded without the specific approval of the General Manager.

11.   Bulletin Boards and Other Postings – Nothing shall be posted within the Clubhouse or on Club premises except on specified bulletin boards as designated by the General Manager or Executive Committee. Specific bulletin boards are provided for various committees and purposes and shall be maintained in an orderly manner.

12.   Decorations, Posters, Etc. – Decorations, posters or other such related material as may be used for Club events and/or activities must be free standing and must be placed and removed in accordance with policies established by the Board of Directors. To preserve and maintain the condition of the Club, nothing shall be attached to ceilings, sprinkler heads, light fixtures, walls, window frames or floors. Any deviation from this Rule required the prior approval of the Executive Committee.

13.   No Storage of Flammable Liquids – No alcoholic beverages, gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable liquids shall be brought into, stored, kept or used in the Clubhouse lockers areas or any part thereof.

14.   Use of Clubhouse Premises when Closed – In order to ensure a safe and secure environment for all persons using the Club when it is closed, a minimum of two people must be present together and at the same time while on the Clubhouse premises.

15.   Loss or Damage to Personal Property – The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property of members or their guests.

16.   Denial of Access to Club Premises for Due Cause – The Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may upon due cause prohibit the use of and/or access to Club premises to any member, guest or member of other recognized yachting organizations which enjoy reciprocal guest privileges.

17.   Reimbursement of Expenses – Any and all expenses incurred by members on behalf of the Club, which are to be submitted for reimbursement, must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the date incurred.


1.   Use of Columbia Room – Persons under the age of 21 may not sit at the Columbia Room bar. Children 14 years of age and under may be admitted into the Columbia Room and sit at tables under the supervision of adult until 9:00 p.m.

2.   Reservations Required for Parties of Ten or More – In order to provide the maximum services to members, it is asked that members with ten (10) or more dinner guests make prior arrangements with the General Manager or his/her designee.

3.   Private Events – Any member may obtain the use of the Club facilities for private events by applying to the General Manager or his/her designee. Private events will not be permitted to exclude members from the Columbia Room or deny members the ordinary use of the Club facilities. Event concerned with political issues, candidates for public office or religious or sectarian activities are prohibited. Members who want to host a private event shall consult the General Manager or his/her designee.

4.   Bringing In Outside Food and Alcohol No member or guest may bring food or alcoholic beverages into the Clubhouse. Any member wishing to bring wine or other food items such as cake into the Clubhouse must obtain prior approval from the Club Manager and may be subject to certain fees.


1.   The Flag Officers and General Manager have full charge of the pool area.

2.   Lifeguard and Pool Heating Schedule The pool will be heated and a certified lifeguard will be on duty from approximately June 15 through Labor Day Monday.

3.   Pool is Open When Lifeguard is On Duty The pool is considered officially open only during such times when the official lifeguard is on duty within the pool area. At all other times the pool is considered closed.

4.   Member Use of Pool When Closed During periods when the pool is closed, an adult member age 21 or older may, upon application to the office, check out the admittance key to the pool area and thereby, use the pool at the member’s sole risk. Should other members, guests or minors use the pool at the same time, then the member checking out the admission key shall be responsible for the entire pool and pool area. Upon leaving the pool area, the member checking out the admittance key shall insure that all other persons have departed the pool area, that the area has been policed and that the pool gate has been locked upon departure. The member checking out the admittance key shall return the key to the office, report upon the status of the pool area and thereby be relieved of the responsibility of the pool area.

5.   Pool Guests Guests using the pool must be accompanied by a Club member.

6.   Children Accompanied by a Responsible Member Children under twelve (12) years of age are not allowed in the pool area unless accompanied by a responsible member aged sixteen (16) or over.

7.   No Running, Etc. Running and boisterous play will not be permitted around the pool area.

8.   No Bathing Suits in the Clubhouse Persons in bathing suits shall not enter the Clubhouse, other than the locker room areas.

9.   Food and Drink at the Pool It shall be each individual’s responsibility to leave their eating area in a clean manner.

10.   No Glass Food and beverages in plastic, paper or metal containers only may be brought into the pool area. No glass of any kind may be brought into the pool area.

11.   Shower before Entering All persons must shower before entering the pool area.

12.   Posting of Pool Policy A copy of the Annual Pool Policy shall be posted at the start of the summer season.


1.   Authorized use – The parking lot is private property and may be used only by Club members in good standing (“Members”), authorized invited guests (as hereinafter defined), employees and vendors providing goods or services as requested by the Club or the Club’s marina tenants (“Vendors”), in accordance with this policy. A sign will be placed at the entrance advising that the parking lot is private property and that unauthorized vehicles will be towed and further stating that permission to enter is revocable at any time. It is the Club’s intent that the parking lot is for use by Members, Guests, employees and Vendors.

2.   Permits – The Club will issue parking permits as follows:

a.   Members To all Members of driving age who request them, at no cost, for any automobile registered to the Member or his/her immediate family. Members must apply at the office for each permit sticker and provide information and documentation for each vehicle as requested by the Club; any change in vehicle information must be reported to the front office as soon as possible. When a car is sold, the permit sticker must be removed.

b.   Guests To guests of the Club specifically invited by the Club’s individual members, and specific guests or a class of guests (such as yacht owners invited to and registered to participate in Club-sponsored regattas, visitors from other yacht clubs having reciprocal privileges, and invitees for special events and banquets) invited or authorized by the Club itself (“Guests”), for a limited period specified by the Club not to exceed 24 hours unless approved by the General Manager or his/her designee. Guests must obtain a Guest permit from the front office immediately upon entering the parking lot and place the Guest permit in or on the vehicle.

c.   Employees To employees of the Club upon such restrictions as the General Manager and the Flag Officers may impose in their sole discretion; employees using the parking lot under a permit are considered Guests of the Club on an individual basis for parking purposes and are permitted to park in the parking lot at the will of the Club and its management.

d.   Vendors To Vendors upon such restrictions as the General Manager or the Executive Committee may impose in their sole discretion. Vendors must obtain a parking permit from the front office. Vendor hours for marina contractors are from 8am to 5pm except for emergency repair.

e.   Terms and Conditions.

(i)   Types of Permits Different types of parking permits may be issued in respect of (a) different types of vehicles (for example, a permit sticker, a card for display on the dashboard or hangers for rear view mirrors for cars and trucks, a sticker for motorcycles and other vehicles and trailers), (b) Members, (c) Guests and (d) Vendors. Permits may be numbered and accounted for by the Club;

(ii)   Expiration Guest and Vendor parking permits expire as shown thereon; Member permits expire when the holder is no longer a Member of the Club in good standing, in which case the former Member or Member not it good standing automatically relinquishes all parking privileges and must return the issued parking permit (permit sticker) to the Club. The permit also will expire when cancelled for cause, as set forth elsewhere herein.

(iii)   No Club Responsibility for Loss, Damage or Injury The Club assumes no responsibility or liability for loss damage or injury to any person, vehicle, trailer or its load (and all accessories and contents of such vehicles, trailers and loads) in on or around the parking lot resulting from vehicular or other negligence, fire, theft, collision, vandalism, water, explosion, flood, collapse, structural failure, subsidence, intentional acts, law enforcement, riots, insurrection, terrorism, acts of war, acts of God or other causes, it being the policy of the Club that use of the parking lot is at permit holder’s risk, and by accepting a parking permit for the parking lot, the holder agrees to accept all such risks and that Club shall have no such responsibility or liability.

(iv)   Limitations on Use of Parking Permits – Parking permits may NOT be duplicated, sold, subleased, given, lent, or otherwise transferred to friends, guests, employees or any other person, and any attempt to do so shall be void and subject to action as set forth herein.

(v)   Member’s Parking Without Permits In those instances when a Member’s permit is forgotten, a temporary Guest permit should be requested from the front office. If the front office is closed, a clearly dated note with the Member’s name should be prominently placed on the dash or other area of the vehicle as appropriate to the vehicle to inform the Club’s staff or security personnel. 

(vi)   Cancellation of Suspension of Permits Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Club’s Commodore or its Executive Committee shall have the right to cancel, modify or suspend any permit at any time in the best interests of the Club.

3.   Authorized Vehicles; Display of Permits – Only vehicles displaying valid permits in such manner specified by the Club are authorized to be parked in the parking lot. Permits must be plainly and fully visible from the outside of vehicles. Unauthorized vehicles are prohibited in the parking lot and are subject to action set forth herein.

4.   Length of Stay –Members and their Guests may park vehicles with permits in the parking lot for the longer of (i) the duration of any Club cruise or Club-sponsored race, regatta or special event participated in by the Member or Guest or (ii) 7 continuous days. Vehicles remaining on the parking lot for a longer period will be considered unauthorized unless the approval of the General Manager is obtained and a special permit issued and prominently display in or on the vehicle. Members should notify the front office of any parking duration exceeding 3 days and park their vehicles as far away from the Clubhouse as reasonably possible. Duration of Guest parking is as specified on the Guest parking permit. The General Manager or Flag Officers have the authority to issue parking permits for longer duration for special situations. Members who are leaving vehicles at the Club for an extended period of time are encouraged to park only one vehicle in the parking lot between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Members who are leaving vehicles at the Club for an extended period of time are also encouraged to park by the boat storage area, as far from the front office entrance as possible. The parking lot is not to be used for automobile or trailer storage at any time

5.   Types of vehicles permitted Passenger cars, motorcycles, motorized scooters, SUVs and pick up trucks belonging to Members or Guests that fit within the boundaries of designated parking spaces in the parking lot may be granted parking permits if otherwise qualified by this policy; all others (boat trailers with or without boats, RVs, commercial or other non-conforming vehicles) will be denied permits without prior authorization of the General Manager or Flag Officers, and then only for a limited duration and upon conditions as he/she determines. Boats and equipment not on trailers are strictly prohibited from the parking lot unless specifically permitted by the General Manager or Flag Officers.

6.   Parking locations.

a.   Parking Lot Vehicles with valid parking permits may be parked in any open parking stall or designated parking space in the parking lot in a manner which does not block other parked vehicles or block access to the boat yard or marina or otherwise impede traffic flow through the parking lot. Handicapped spaces may only be used by members or Guests possessing valid state issued permits. It is the Club’s intent not to restrict or reserve parking spaces.

b.   Off Premises – The Club has contracted with the owner of the office building across the street to allow members and Guests with a Club parking permit or parking sticker to park on its parking lot after business hours (after 6 PM weekdays) and on weekends/holidays.

7.   Other rules – The following shall also pertain to usage of the parking lot:

a.   Speed Limit The speed limit is 5 MPH.

b.   Right of Way Give courtesy and right of way to pedestrians, especially children and the handicapped.

c.   Report Collision, Damage or Suspicious Activity Report any collision, damage or suspicious activity to the front office; if closed, leave a note through the mail slot. If you damage another’s vehicle, also leave a note under the wiper on the windshield of the damaged vehicle sufficient to inform the owner of all relevant facts.

d.   Traffic Flow The traffic flow is one-way, counter-clockwise; follow the arrows when entering the parking lot.

e.   Park Within the Lines Park entirely within the lines of parking stalls.

f.   No Non-Emergency Maintenance Do not use the parking lot for non-emergency maintenance activities on vehicles or trailers; for permitted boats on trailers in the parking lot in preparation for racing in a Club sanctioned regatta, obtain permission from the Manager before working on your boat when the Club is open.

8.   Loitering No Member or Guest of a Member, other than a Marina Tenant or Guest of a Marina Tenant and onboard their vessel, shall remain on or about the Club premises after the Club is closed for operations nor shall they sleep or remain in the Clubhouse, Club restrooms, in the boatyard, on Club grounds or the Club parking lot within their vehicle after the Club is closed for operations or after an event, whichever is later.

9.   Violations, enforcement and penalties – The Clubhouse, Club restrooms, Club grounds and Club parking lot will be monitored as needed.

b.   Towing – All towing shall be authorized and approved only by the following persons: the General Manager or his/her designee, or Directors. If a Member or Guest vehicle requires emergency towing (at the owner’s expense) because the vehicle blocks the entrance or exit, a fire lane, access to the boat yard or marina, the free flow of traffic through the parking lot or delivery or trash removal trucks, or such Member’s or Guest’s vehicle becomes a hazard itself (e.g. severe fuel leak, etc.), the vehicle will be towed.

c.   Violations by Guests, Visitors or Trespassers – In the case of violations by Guests, other visitors or trespassers, the General Manager or his/her designee, or Directors will make enforcement decisions, including but not limited to canceling the permit and towing without warning at the expense of the violator and/or owner.

10.   Miscellaneous

a.   Revision – This policy and all parts thereof are subject to change from time to time by order of the Board of Directors.

b.   Inquiries and Complaints – Parking inquiries, complaints or security related questions should be referred to the office when it is open or to any Flag Officer who may be on premises.

c.   Parking Lot Closure – The Club may close or partially close the parking lot when necessary or when it is in the best interests of the Club.

d.   Member Responsibility to Advise Guests to Obtain Permits – Members must advise their Guests who may use the parking lot to get a permit and otherwise comply with this policy.

e.   Compliance with Laws – All vehicles and trailers in the parking lot must be in compliance with state registration laws. All city and state traffic laws applicable to the parking lot shall be obeyed.


The following rules and policies apply to employees. Theses rules are in addition to those set forth in the Club’s Employee Handbook.

1.   Employment Arrangements – Specific rules regarding employees shall be adopted and made a part of each employee’s employment arrangement. In addition, where deemed necessary, additional rules, instruction, duties or guidelines may be posted in various employee areas as such may affect employees of said area.

2.   No Tipping – Club policy DOES NOT permit tipping of employees.

3.   Respectful Treatment – No Member or guest of a member shall criticize, demean or in any way harass employees of the Club. If a problem does arise, a Member shall direct that problem to the General Manager, Vice Commodore, or Rear Commodore.

4.   No Work for Members During Employee Working Hours – Members are not permitted to ask Club employees to perform personal tasks for Members during the employee’s working hours. Contact for work either before or after working hours is left to the discretion of the employee and Member.

5.   No Use of Premises During Non-Working Hours – Employees do not have permission to be on the Club premises during non-working hours, A Member may not invite an employee or bring an employee on the Club premises to use the Club facilities.

6.   No Use of Facilities or Equipment – Club facilities and equipment are for the exclusive use of Members and is restricted to the Club premises. Such facilities and equipment may not be used by an employee nor be removed from the premises by either an employee or Member without the permission of the General Manager.

7.   Parking – Employee parking shall be on BCYC grounds unless directed by the General Manager, Vice Commodore or Rear Commodore.

8.   Exceptions – Exceptions to the above may be included in Employment Agreements.